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Beginner's Full Kiteboarding Course


GROUP: 12 HOURS | PHP 28,800

The Beginner’s Full Kiteboarding Course spans 3 days and covers everything you need to become a competent, independent kiteboarder.

Day one covers the fundamental theory and skills you’ll need to learn, be safe, and correctly control the kite. The course starts with a classroom session on the beach, followed by a quick session with a small trainer kite to introduce kite control skills. The day ends with piloting an inflatable kite, steering the kite across the wind window to generate power and pull yourself downwind through the water.

The next day, the instructor introduces the board into the equation, and you learn to drag yourself upwind – a key skill when trying to stay away from the beach as a beginner or when recovering your board. Then the fun starts, as you try your first water start to get up and ride on the board. Expect a few crashes and to gulp down some seawater – but also to have a grin stuck on your face when you finally get up and ride across the surface of the water.

The final day of the course covers the essential skills to become an independent kiteboarder, learning to ride both ways and upwind, so you don’t constantly get blown down the beach. You’ll learn to transition from one direction to the other, and most importantly, to rescue yourself in case of an emergency.

What’s covered?

Day 1Day 2Day 3
> Theory> Body Dragging Upwind> Water Start
> Kite Set-up> Board Recovery> Riding Both Sides
> Safety> Water Start Theory> Riding Upwind
> Kite Control> Water Start Practice with Board> Transition Both Sides
> Water re-launching> Self Rescue
> Body Dragging

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