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Humble Beginnings

Welcome to Padayon Kiteboarding Center, the latest addition to Boracay Island’s kiteboarding scene. We are proud to be a 100% local Filipino-owned and run kite center, with all our instructors coming from humble beginnings on the island. Join us not just for kiteboarding fun, but adventures around Boracay, experiencing the island and local life.

Learn to Ride

Kitesurfing Courses

Introduction to Kiteboarding

The Discover Kiteboarding course is a great introductory experience that will give you a taste and basic understanding of what kiteboarding is like.

Beginner’s Kiteboarding Course Day 1

Learn the theory behind how kiteboarders use the kite to harness the power of the wind and get wet while body dragging to experience the full power of a kite.

Beginner’s Kiteboarding Course Day 2

Start riding! This course is designed to cover everything you need to get you your first moments standing up and riding on a kiteboard.

Learn to Fly

Wingfoiling Courses

Wingfoiling is a relatively new sport that is gaining in popularity because of its simplicity and ability to depower the wing and surf the swell. Take your board riding to a whole new level and extend your time on the water by learning to fly on a foil!

Relax and Reset

Yoga Classes

Take time out from the kiteboarding adrenalin rush and madness between parties on Boracay. Relax and reset your mind and body to prepare for the next set of adventures and craziness to come!

Go on Adventure

Kite Safaris

Escape the crowds of Boracay’s  kite beach or just go on an adventure to mix it up for a change of scenery and conditions. We organize kite safaris and downwinders to and from neighboring islands around Boracay that make for some epic kite trips you’ll never forget.

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