Discover Kiteboarding

Introduction to Kiteboarding


GROUP: 1 HOUR | PHP 2,400

The Discover Kiteboarding course is a great introductory experience that will give you a taste and a basic understanding of what kiteboarding is like. You will learn the basic theory behind kiteboarding, such as identifying wind direction and learning how to fly a kite and harness the wind to generate power.

The Discover Kiteboarding course includes practice on a small trainer kite to learn the skills required to pilot the kite safely. You’ll then move up to a small Leading Edge Inflatable (LEI) kite, where you’ll use your piloting skills to generate power and get a brief taste of the lift generated by the kite while in the water.

If time (and skill) permits, you’ll do a quick body-dragging session in the water (piloting the kite without a board) to further experience the power generated by the kite.

If you want to take your introduction journey further, check out the One-day Kiteboarding Course – or if you are hooked, then have a look at our Full Kiteboarding Course to get a certification.

What’s covered?

Introduction to Kiteboarding
> Theory
> Kite Control (Trainer Kite)
> Kite Control (Inflatable Kite)
> Generating Power & Body Dragging

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