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Kite Safaris and Downwinders

Kite Safaris and Downwnders

Escape the crowded kite beach of Boracay, or just get away for a change of scenery and new kiting conditions. We organize kite safaris and downwinders to Boracay’s neighboring islands and beaches for fun kite day trips – or overnight kite-camp adventures.

Carabao Island and Tablas

Carabao and Tablas are both islands to the northwest of Boracay, which are favorites for downwinders back to Boracay during kite season. Trips usually start early in the morning, to give time for an explore of the islands, before starting the downwinder back home to Boracay.

Seco Island

Seco Island is a tiny island off the coast of Antique, about four hours from Boracay. It’s known for having very little vegetation, with waves on one side and a sheltered lagoon on the other.

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