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Beginner's Kiteboarding Course Day 2


GROUP: 4 HOURS | PHP 9,600

The Beginner’s Kiteboarding Course Day 2 is designed to build on learning the fundamentals of flying the kite and give you a more complete kiteboarding experience, getting you your very first board starts on the water.

Day two expands the skills from the previous day to include the kiteboard in the mix. You apply the kite control skills to harness the power of the kite to drag yourself upwind this time. Once mastered, your instructor will proceed to teach you how to recover your board if lost upwind, before finally getting you to the most awaited part of any kiteboard lesson, the water start!

The water start is the most challenging, yet most rewarding part of the course by far! Every kiteboarder remembers the feeling of standing up and riding their kiteboard for the first time with the full power of the kite pulling them across the water! Expect to drink a lot of seawater and have a few crashes, but once up and riding, the feeling and smile are priceless!

If you have read this far, you should be pretty convinced that kiteboarding is for you! if so, we recommend signing up for the Full Kiteboarding Course, which spans 3 days and covers everything you need to become an independent kiteboarder.

What’s covered?

Day 2
> Body Dragging Upwind
> Board Recovery
> Water Start Theory
> Water Start Practice with Board

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